For all your water filtration needs..

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Aquaculture & Aquaponics

For all your aquaculture needs..

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For all your spout needs..

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Our Core business

Water Filtration

We are here to assist you with keeping you water clean.

Filtration on Koi ponds

We want to help you and your fish with clear water


We specialize in Aquaculture needs


We specialize in Aquaculture needs

Water Spouts

We specialize in water spouts for swimming pools and ponds

CNC Machines

We manufacture CNC Plasma and Router machines

Special Requests

We are always open and willing to assist with special requests

Our Products


Bio Booster / Bio Filter

Install inline after mechanical solid separator filter

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Vortex Filter

The Vortex filter has been developed for the serious koi keeper. It is based on the most up-to-date biological filtration available, together with serious consideration for cost-effective efficiency, flexibility and ease of maintenance.

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Bottom Drain

Bottom drains are a must for a successful koi pond. To maintain proper water quality you need to get the fish waste into the filter so it can be removed from the system. Without a bottom drain, the best filter in the world cannot do it's job properly.

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Aquaculture Hatchery

Hatcheries for Catfish (Baber), Tilapia and more fish species...

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Bakki Shower

By the way: bakki showers are very good to exhale CO2 and to enrich O2 in the water. They are extraordinary good in the reduction of ammonia and reduce nitrite also.

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Protein Skimmers

Protein skimming is the term most commonly used by aquarium and aquaculture professionals to describe the removal of suspended and dissolved waste from fish by means of air flotation.

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Multi Bio Filter

Biofiltration is a pollution control technique using a bioreactor containing living material to capture and biologically degrade pollutants. Common uses include processing waste water, capturing harmful chemicals or silt from surface runoff, and microbiotic oxidation of contaminants in air.

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Rotating Drum Filter

The RDF’s manufactured by Wilpet Koi Products are suitable for Koi ponds as well as aqua culture applications. Rotary Drum Filters (RDF’s) are predominantly used for mechanical filtration or pre-filtration for the first stage of the filter system.

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Bubble Bead Filter (BBF)

The BBF in essence operate like an upside-down swimming pool sand filter, but instead of using sand, plastic beads are used. The plastic beads are floating at the top to form a packed bed of floating media.

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Water Spouts

The addition of the Spout Water Curtain creates visual interest in your pool / pond.

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Mission Statement

“To move water and give the fish farmer, hobbyist and starter the best tools and services when it comes to water purification.”

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