The History of Wilpet Koi Products

Mr. Willie Kok, proprietor of Wilpet Koi Products, has always taken a keen interest in Koi and the practical upkeep of this magnificent specie of fish. Being a practical person, he built his own dams and filtration systems. He soon discovered the need in the Koi industry for quality products, and his privately manufactured components were evidently superior in quality and lower priced than what was commercially available.In 1997 he registered his business in South Africa as Wilpet Koi Products Closed Corporation, and a new kid on the block was born.Over the last decade Mr. Kok has privately developed and manufactured a large variety of Boosters, Filters, Drains, Skimmers and Purifiers. New developments are constantly adding to this list, and production of the products are streamlined. Wilpet Koi Products distributes its products throughout the Southern African region, and even further. Contact Wilpet Koi Products for any trade enquiries.

Wilpet Koi Products and Aquaculture 

Wilpet Koi Products started manufacturing filtration systems as well as products for the Aquaculture and Aquaponic industry as water and water filtration have always been one of Wilpet Koi Products main focus.

Wilpet Koi Products is working hand in hand with companies like "The Integrated Aquaculture Group" to establish a stable and growing market for the Aquaculture industry in South Africa, they also give advice, help and guidance to the new upcoming and established farmers where needed.

More info regarding the work "The Integrated Aquaculture Group" please click on the link down below.

Integrated Aquaculture

Some Of Our Installations