Bio Booster
Bio Booster / Bio Filter

Technical Data on Bio Booster

1. LDP Plastic (Same as swimming pool filter).

2. Wall thickness is 8 – 10mm.

3. Boosters are green with UV resistant materials build into the media used.

4. Unit can handle a pressure of 2 Bar (29.4Psi).

5. Units are available in three sizes: 32 Lt, 42 Lt and 72 Lt. 

6. Unit comes standard with quick – release 50mm fittings and a high-pressure filter lid.

7. The use of filter media inside can vary from plastic shavings, bio-balls, Alfagrog etc.

8. The flow rate through the unit should not exceed 10 000l/hour. Reason: High flow rates washes out the bacteria.

9. On a typical filter installation you would put the Bio Booster last in the line, after your Sand/Bio filter.

10. Note that your Bio Booster is there to aid in the removal of nitrates. This means that the filter is a biological filter rather than a mechanical filter (Sand filter or brushes are mechanical filters).

11. Unit will have a live expectancy of at least fifteen years under normal operating conditions.

12. NOTE: For best results the bottom fitting should be used as the inlet and the top fitting as the outlet/return.

Suggested pond sizes for Bio Boosters

(Using Bio Balls or other filter media with a good surface area)

Small Bio Booster - One per 10 000 liter of pond water  

Medium Bio Booster - One per 20 000 liter of pond water  

Large Bio Booster - One per 30 000 liters of pond water