Wilpet Egg Tumbler/Hatchery


Have you ever tried raising baby fish (called fry)? For many trout, tilapia and catfish species, using an egg tumbler to raise eggs into fry can give you a better success rate. The purpose of an egg tumbler is to help water circulate over and around the fish eggs. The gentle movement created by an egg tumbler will help provide an oxygen-rich environment for the eggs and also help prevent fungus from developing on the eggs.

The Wilpet Egg Tumbler/Hatchery is a very easy-to-use device that was designed to help hobbyists and commercial farming to hatch fish eggs. Because it has an adjustable flow, you can tumble large or small eggs with ease. If you are incubating eggs that don’t want to be tumbled, you can let them sit and just allow the water to flow around them.

The Wilpet Egg Tumbler/Hatchery comes with everything that you need to easily and successfully raise many baby fish from eggs.


Controller: STC-1000 Microcomputer Temperature controller
Framework: 20x20 Stainless Steel
Water Capacity: 100 Liters
Bucket Material: Food Grade Polyethylene 
Pump size: 40W submersible, 1800L/H with a 2.5M Head
Egg Capacity: Up to 10 000 eggs per tumbler 
Tumbler: Each tumbler is controlled on its own which means you can only run one of the 3 as well.